Our Key Values

Day to day life at Emora is focused on our three fundamental company values, and these are evident in every aspect of our business from client relations to office celebrations.


    Love Mondays – We dread to think how many young professionals hate getting up on a Monday morning. There are 52 Mondays in a year, do you really want to spend a month and a half of the year miserable? No, neither do we.



    Have Fun – Having an enjoyable time while with Emora is an experience, we know that young professionals who enjoy their time with us are the most effective brand ambassadors. Our focus is on creating a vibrant and energetic environment both in-house and remotely.



    Recognise Success – We love celebrating the achievements of our aspiring entrepreneurs! Each win, however small is celebrated across our business. We understand that recognition is a driving force behind role satisfaction and motivation.

The Business..
As one of the most recognised direct sales and marketing brand’s in the business we value the invitation to conferences, these experiences are essential to the growth of our contractors. Lectures and seminars are not only a great way to network with other brand ambassadors and business owners but also provide tremendous insight into our industry.
The Exploring..
We believe that travel is essential to growth, that’s why we frequently organise a number of company-wide opportunities to travel, for both business and leisure. We know that young professionals are passionate about seeing the world, that’s something we actively encourage. Lessons that can be learnt from observing other cultures, and travelling with your peers is invaluable.
The Fun..
Everyone within the business runs Emora Limited, we value our company and often run recognition trips, incentives and spend our time together outside of working hours. We take our contractors to a number of high profile events in order for them to experience a variety of activities, practise networking and develop both their personal and professional skill sets.