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Welcome to Emora

We specialise in unique marketing methods designed to provide clients with the best results possible. We are passionate about providing opportunities to talented individuals who share a common passion for innovative market solutions.

Direct Marketing

Emora develop fun and engaging direct marketing campaigns which offer consumers a more personalised and joyful marketing experience. This form of marketing is growing to become the most effective tool for engaging with customers.

Campaign Management

Not only will Emora develop unique campaigns that accurately represent your brand but we will also manage those campaigns to ensure they are as successful as possible. Each campaign we tailor to ensure it appeals directly to your target audience.

Measurable Results

We provide your business with measureable results and offer day-to-day updates on how your campaign is performing. This means that changes can be made regularly in order to drive your success and ensure that your brand gets maximum exposure from working with us.

Welcome to Emora!

A result-driven sales and marketing company

Marketing at its best

About Emora

Emora are direct marketing specialists who offer personalised marketing campaigns on behalf of their clients’ brands. Based in Nottingham, the firm have access to market reach across the UK which is converted into loyal customers through unique marketing methods.

Emora offer unique marketing methods whereby they are able to connect with consumers via face-to-face communications. By connecting with consumers one-on-one they are able to forge long-lasting and personal bonds between brand and consumer.

Customer Acquisition

At Emora, our purpose is to turn prospects into customers. To do this we build relationships with your potential customers and offer them the most personalised service which reflects both your needs and your consumers

Brand Loyalty

By connecting with consumers in a personalised way, we are able to make long-lasting connections with consumers who often return to your brand again and again.

Brand Awareness

Emora gets your company name out there. With our extensive market reach more customers will hear about your brand than ever before and be more likely to spread the word themselves through word-of-mouth.

Campaign Management

We create unique marketing campaigns and roll them out directly to consumers, but we don’t stop there. We manage your campaign so that it will keep on delivering consistently improving results.

Innovative Ideas

Emora are not your standard marketing agency, we are continuously developing innovative strategies in order to deliver the best results for your brand. We see ourselves as an extended part of your brand and care about your business like it is our own.

Measurable Results

Our campaigns can be measured daily, weekly or monthly as this allows us to implement any changes in order to ensure your results keep getting better and better. You will always be kept in the loop about how your campaign is performing.

  • Our Campaigns
    High Return on Investment Guaranteed.

    At Emora we have a wealth of experience and we use this to create fun but professional direct marketing campaigns. Our personalised services mean that we can guarantee a high ROI.

  • Our Culture
    Company Culture is Vital to Success.

    Our culture is built on the ideal of animated and professional individuals coming together to create something special and unique. Our specialised customer service methods reflect our positive attitude, fun nature and innovative thinking.

  • Our Mission
    Delivering Personalised Marketing to the Masses

    We connect with a large number of consumers on a face-to-face basis in order to guarantee your marketing message connects with a large amount of people. Our personalised marketing methods mean that every consumer has a unique experience.

  • Our Goals
    Expanding Emora Worldwide

    We would like to see Emora expanded into several new locations including across the UK and beyond by the end of 2017. This will mean that our clients have an extended market reach and will allow us to connect with more consumers.

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